What is FAT?

What is FAT?

I’ve been teased FAT PAIGE my entire adolescence and I’m basically over it at 23.

In fact I’m so over it, that I took it and redefined it.

Society is always redefining words anyhow. Fat is a noun, a physical tissue thing. One simply can’t Be fat. I have (noun) fat.. Everybody does:) And, shiid pretty much everybody is (old-adjective) fat nowadays or getting fat… Did you know that 1/3 of the world is medically categorized overweight/obese, AND that the U.S. is the leading country? I will write out my personal views of the numbers later, but here’s what I read on CNN recently.

Back to this adjective attribute, to me… to describe fat, I am (new-adjective) FAT as in

Fit And Transforming.

I am Fit because I remember when I couldn’t even jog one mile, to running one mile as a daily morning routine. That took helly dedication. Constantly pushing myself at the gym, then seeing progress is an amazing feeling that I loved. I am the fittest I’ve ever been every time I go in the gym, with every extra rep, or minute I continue on!


I am Transforming because I am constantly growing, changing to form my best self. Plus, not only physically.. Because it’s not about the aesthetic.., the look. This weight transformation that led me to this point has changed and grown Me mentally, emotionally, and even socially, and yes spiritually too!

I am someone who is continues to be their best self in any and every area of Life, to be my best self.. Where I am, with what I have.

Learning what’s good for me and my body. Learning from my mistakes. Learning more about myself. Learning what makes me happy. Learning my talents…

That’s what Fat / Paige means to me.

And this process and journey means so much to me, that I created a platform with a fellow Fat friend with the same passion. Chizzle is the friend I never knew I needed. I say it like that because we are the same, but different, and met randomly as hell. Lol and I know she feels the same way. I was extremely happy and blessed to meet Chizzle because I finally felt like someone understood me. What IT was like. Growing up overweight. And those body image issues, and those small but fat embarrassing moments that carried weight on my mind too heavy! Amazing to have a friend that you can identify with, especially when it comes to your Life’s passion and purpose.

With this common passion we created a platform together called Dear FAT People. Follow our fitness journey’s on Instagram @dearfatppl.

Everyone is Fat. End of story lol.

And what’s super amazing is how I can actually laugh about this now, and even write and put this on the Internet because I used to be super unhappy, under spoken and in dark times with (old-adjective) fat.

Words have meaning. They carry weight in people’s minds and lives. Some words can break hearts.

And hearing Fat used to make me cringe and hate myself. Real trauma I feel like I am juuuust healing over, stuff from +15 years ago. From events that happened even in elementary school to all the way through high school. I have grown and changed so much since those times. Shout out to myself!

For maintaining an 80-pound weight loss and creating someone I love and am proud of. And letting my negative body image views go.

Keep up with my fitness journey on Instagram @pagerbless and @dearfatppl.

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Peace and blessings✨,

Paige Blessman

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