Nobody congratulates you for healing..

Nobody talks about it but,

Shout out to those that hate their bodies but try really hard to find their beauty and comfort within themselves.

Because that shit is hard, and it takes a lot of time, and it is mentally and emotionally exhausting…

I have been fighting with myself for over 15 years.

I kept a journal in middle school where I wrote:

“I hate myself. I don’t want to live this life.”

Over. And over. Everyday. Because I was completely unhappy with myself, who I was, how I looked, my circumstances, and how some people treated me.

I lost 80 pounds since age 17.

I earned University Honors taking classes with mates that told me I wasn’t smart enough.

I graduated from the top public university in the World.

I travelled to four European countries in one month.

I’m a Millennial working with one of the largest and oldest, and most respected chambers of commerce in the country.

I live downtown in the amazing comeback Motor City.

I don’t even have a car,

but since I live and work downtown,

and there’s mobile services like Lyft, also The Detroit People Mover, and such, living downtown is lit for me!

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I had 2 printed bylines within 9 months as an intern.

I registered my first screenplay as a writer.

Shout out to myself!


I have created a life and person I love and am proud of!

It’s been a rocky and bruising road, but I am still here and I am healed!

And You!

Shout out to You too!

For being Here, today.

For being Yourself.

For surviving all your bad days, getting out the bed and deciding to face the world again!

Shout out to you for not letting that thing bug you today.

You also can create a life and person you continue to be proud of, day to day. And it starts with loving and celebrating Self. Everyday!

Say it with me,

“Shout out to myself, because.”

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Godspeed on your Life’s Self journey.

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Peace and blessings✨,

Paige Blessman

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