How Did The Downtown Paige Start?

How Did The Downtown Paige Start?

We all start from somewhere.

I honestly didn’t even plan on still living in Detroit.

I swore after graduation (May 2015) I was gonna move to: California, New York, Texas… But nobody was looking for a Sociology graduate…, so I ended up back to my birth town in Detroit living with my dad, with my older sister nearby too.

I didn’t have a plan, but I still feel as if everything eventually came together perfectly for me.

After moving in with my dad, I worked internships, and freelanced a bit creating websites, and doing social media consulting until I scored my current position at the Detroit Regional Chamber.

Now my sister and I are roommates, and I have so many fun experiences with her, and living this downtown lifestyle.

While I was struggling to find a full-time job, doing my best, I did as much as I could on my own to create more work for myself so I started connecting with people and writing posts about what was going on in my neighborhood, Downtown Detroit.

As a writer I love wordplay with my name Paige, and Downtown Paige just stuck with me.

For somebody who swore Detroit was not the place for them anymore, I sure do have a great spot right in the epicenter of the city.

I truly enjoy where I am right now downtown Detroit. As an introverted writer it gives me a lot to process and write.

I moved a couple of my old posts from my old webpage:




Stay tuned with more to come as there’s many happenings in Detroit daily.

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Paige Blessman

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