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The Wellness Paige

The Wellness Paige

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I was teased fat my entire childhood.

I used to weigh +230 pounds.

I’m in my 20’s now, maintaining an 80 pound weight loss, and on a journey to be My personal best.

I used to be the under spoken, shy, fat girl but I found my voice with a pen and keyboard. I love writing.

Physically, mentally, emotionally, and all-around, I am far from where I used to be,

And still going.

I reclaimed what I thought was my weakness, as my biggest triumph.

I am Fit And Transforming.

I’ll share posts about my weight transformation, the childhood obesity epidemic, and other wellness topics like mental health using #thefatpaige.

Want to talk fitness? Connect with me and leave a note on the Contact Paige.

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Peace and blessings✨,

Paige Blessman // P.