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The About Paige

The About Paige

Paige Blessman found herself weighing in at +230lbs, shy and under spoken, and unhappy with herself.

Some years, -80lbs and a Sociology degree later, she’s a Wellness Whiz and POSI-TIVI-TIST.

She grew from a teenage girl who didn’t want to live, because she hated herSelf,

Into a twenty-something gal who accepted her introverted ways, and found her voice via writing.

People ask her, “What did you do/change?” and “How did you do/lose it?”

This is why The Paige was started.

Paige wants to pass it forward, and pass on the reflective gems 💎  and positive vibes ✨ that transformed her life, as an overcomer of childhood obesity, and as a survivor of suicidal thoughts.


We are currently in a Childhood Obesity Epidemic, and overweight kids have an 80% chance of becoming an obese adult.

Meaning, they are at a higher risk for diabetes, stroke, other conditions, and ultimately an early death.

Paige beat the odds. And she wants to be there for others who struggle with weight (loss) and positive thinking too.

She also blogs about living Downtown Detroit.

All in all, Paige just wants to share her passion for wellness and posi-tivity with the world.

With hopes of being there for somebody, like who she needed, when she was younger.

You can read Paige’s stories here or use the menu to navigate the paige.

Peace and blessings✨,

Paige Blessman // P.